Club Library

Books on Multiples

  • And One More (Brown, Gilles, Parkinson &Williams)
  • Entwined lives (Segal)
  • Exploring Twins Relationships (Chase)
  • Finding our way: life with triplets, quads, and quins (Suzanne Lyons)
  • Having Twins (Noble)
  • More than one
  • Parents Guide to Raising Twins (Friedrich, Rowland)
  • Relieving Twin shock (Twin Service Inc)
  • The Singleton Siblings of Multiples (POMBA)
  • Twins (Clegg & Woolett)
  • The Twins Book
  • Twins: A practical & emotional guide to parenting Twins. (Katrina Bowman & Louise Ryan)
  • Twin care: a hand out collection for parents (Twins Services Inc)
  • Twins, Triplets and More (Bryan)
  • When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads (Luke)

Books on Feeding

  • Best Feeding (Renfrew, Fisher& Arms)
  • Mothering Multiples (La leche)

Books on Parenting

  • Babies (Green)
  • Children’s Behavior – How to Manage It (Van der Kley)
  • Confident Children (Linden field)
  • Kids are Worth It (Coloroso)
  • Manhood (Biddulph)
  • Parenting Under Five (PWC)
  • Pyjamas Don’t Matter (Gribben)
  • Parenting with Love and Logic (Fay & Cline)
  • Raising Boys (Biddulph)
  • Teaching Your Children Values (Eyre)
  • The Optimistic Child (Seligman)
  • Your Premature Baby (Bradford)
  • Indivisible By Two (Nancy L Legal)
  • They Look so Lovely When They’re Asleep (Diane Levy)
  • Of Course I Love You . . . Now Go To Your Room (Diane Levy)
  • Toilet Training Toddlers (Phyllis Brock Leslie Centre)

Books You Can Read To Your Children

  • Twins! (Elaine Scott)
  • Twin to Twin (Margaret O’hair)
  • Twice As Nice, What It’s Like To Be A Twin (Nicole Rubel)
  • The Twins & The Birthday Party (Marcia Murphy)
  • Twins Go To Bed (Ellen Weiss)
  • Twins Have A Fight (Ellen Weiss)
  • Twins Take A Bath (Ellen Weiss)
  • Tiny Tired Twins (Elizabeth De Armond)
  • It Takes Two (Tammie Blackburn)
  • You Can’t Trick Me (Yavonne Field-Bagwell)
  • The Chairs Where Pam and Sam Sit (Cynthia Grannell)